A custom, branded job board that provides more value to your community

Workable's Branded Job Board platform makes it easy to build your association's brand and support hiring companies and jobseekers in your community.


Create additional membership benefit

Help to attract new members and retain existing members by offering a specialized job board as a free way to source additional candidates.



Build a stronger community

A beautifully branded, fully configurable job board for members to share, promote, apply for and celebrate open jobs within the community.



Create a new source of revenue

Proven to generate ad revenue, Workable can offer commissions for members converting to ATS customers.


“The platform gives the possibility for all of its members to automatically repost their job openings and to take advantage of the higher outreach it can achieve for them in terms of candidates. Anyone who wants to be sure that they can attract appropriate and enough candidates has only to publish their opening to their careers’ webpage.”

Vassilis Katsantonis | Associate Advisor, SEV

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