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On Wednesday, May 10th, we had our largest live event ever to cover our newest, and upcoming features. You can view and share the recording below.

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Here's a summary of the features:

Onboard & manage

Workable now goes beyond hiring, creating an end-to-end HR software perfect for SMB's.

Available in Workable, right now:


Employee onboarding

A win-win for the company and new hires. Simplify the new hire experience with customized portals, templates, and an onboarding dashboard. Tailor onboarding for various roles, and easily track progress so employees are productive from day one.


Employee profiles & documents

Easily manage employee information using customizable profiles, employee directory, and org chart, all integrated and updated automatically. Our document management system keeps essential files secure and organized, making it perfect for today's modern workplace.

Coming very soon:


Time off management 

Manage time off with an efficient tracking system and customizable policies, making it easy for employees to request time off and managers to approve or deny requests. The company calendar keeps everyone informed on employee absences. 

AI copilot

Powerful (and thoughtful) AI features infused into the hiring process. Built with the knowledge of 160,000,000 candidates and 1.5 million hires.

The video below is a glimpse into our plans. 


Available for all customers, right now:


AI-generated job descriptions

No more template libraries or outdated job descriptions. Fresh, personalized job descriptions for your company – literally any role, in seconds. Even choose the tone to match your brand and iterate until perfect.


AI Recruiter instant sourcing

Based on your job description, Workable's AI recruiter provides a list of the best passive candidates for the job before you even publish it. Add them in, get a summary of why they're a fit, and contact them in bulk.

Right around the corner:


Profile & interview insights and more

Our AI copilot is with you in your interviews to provide transcriptions, and then provide a summary of the interview. It'll pull out key points, like salary, so you can be present during the interview. Plus, with other tools like email generation, our AI copilot will help you throughout your entire hiring process.

Powered by more than 1,500,000 successful hires

Workable has helped 27,000 companies hire more than 1.5 million people — and we’ve learned a thing or two along the way. We take that insight and build it right back into our platform. So each time we recommend a candidate, propose a job board or suggest an interview time slot, you’ll know it’s because we know it works.

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Why companies are glad they chose Workable

Organizations of all sizes say Workable helps their teams find and hire great people, faster.

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See who else is hiring with workable and learn about how our customers are improving outcomes, whatever the hiring challenge.

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“Advertising new roles across job boards used to take a huge amount of time. Since we’ve started using the one-click feature with Workable, it's made posting jobs 200% easier.”

Andrew Jervis

Co-founder, ClickMechanic

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“We’ve definitely achieved our goal of hiring better people, faster. The whole process is much easier, far quicker and much more streamlined.”

Lauren Della Morte

People Operations Manager, Bevi

Access our library of hiring templates, tutorials and advice.

Whether you need a head start on a job description or tips on remote hiring, with a library of 1,400+ job descriptions, sample interview questions, company policies, and email templates there's a resource to help.