The New
World of Work

In the midst of COVID-19, we at Workable wanted to learn how businesses pivoted and, especially, what the future holds for them. So, we ran a 30-question survey to dig deeper and understand how the working landscape has changed, what major shifts resulted, and what the new challenges are in the post-COVID world. The result is Workable's New World of Work survey report.

“It is a road that has not been walked. I honestly don't know what is ahead; one is only just willing to explore many different strategies until they find one that works.”

Remote work is the paradigm shift

62.6% went fully remote during COVID-19. How much of that will be permanent?


Tech is the great enabler

46.1% of all respondents planning to go permanently remote say technology will be a priority in doing so.


Engagement is a concern

73.2% predict individual employee engagement to be the No. 1 challenge in a new remote-first world of work.


Productivity in the new normal

45% of execs are concerned about productivity compared with 30% of entry or mid-level workers – who are far more worried about morale.

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