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Are you a business or HR professional who overcame a workplace challenge and want to share tips and advice with your peers?

Whether it's about employee engagement, recruitment strategies, DEI or anything else, share your story with us and reach 3M+ monthly web visitors.

Why You Should Share Your Story

Our guest writers will receive the following benefits:

  • Exposure to 3M+ monthly website visitors
  • Promotion to our email list of 20K+ newsletter subscribers
  • Your article featured on one or more of Workable’s social accounts
  • One or more backlinks to your company website
  • A byline
  • New audiences for your brand
  • Plus, impression and inspiration for your peers!

Stories We Will Accept

Workable Resources is a collection of stories, insights, tutorials and templates that are designed to help busy HR and business professionals do their job better — whether it’s filling a role in their company, establishing a recruitment system and process, or managing complex hiring, budgeting and reporting.

Our audience is also interested in larger, ongoing themes around business strategy, processes and management – especially when it involves their employees. This may include diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI), employee experience, candidate experience, employer branding, digital transformation, business growth and continuity, workforce planning, and more.

We recommend pitching stories that are relevant to this audience. A good first step is to have a look at what we already have in our site and get familiar with what we like in our content.

Stories We Like

Workable likes stories that include any or all of the following elements:

  • Clear, actionable, concrete steps for an audience that needs to perform quickly and doesn’t have time to digest or consume long content.
  • Tried-and-true best practices. You succeeded in XYZ, and you want to share what you did with others so they can do the same. We also love it when you add reflective insights such as; “If I could do it all over again knowing what I know now, this is what I would do differently – because we are all in this together.”
  • Data-driven content. It’s powerful when you say, “According to XYZ study, 80% of business professionals are in full support of DEI, but are unsure how to implement a sustainable DEI strategy.”
  • Unique and fresh takes, especially around widely covered themes. What do you think our audience is interested in that they aren’t already able to find online? That’s your sweet spot.
  • Content that is specific. While catch-all content is helpful, a story that really strikes a specific nerve will ultimately be more engaging.
  • Conversation starters. If you think your story will open fresh conversations, we love that. We want to engage our audience online and start discussions as opposed to simply preaching best practices to them.

Stories We Will NOT Accept

Workable will not accept any posts of the following nature:

  • Direct self-promotional posts. We’re OK if you want to tell your story in building a sales team for your company, but keep the focus on helping our audience.
  • Articles that aggressively push a clear agenda. We’re OK with candor, and we’re very OK if you want to engage a hot-button topic, provided that you’re open, thoughtful, and respectful for the sake of dialogue and discussion.
  • Posts that focus only on the negative. Please share your success stories with us and challenges you’ve overcome. Try not to send an article idea that poses a concern, issue, or challenge without addressing possible solutions.

Basic Guidelines

While we can be flexible on wordcount, we appreciate content that’s no less than 800 words and no more than 2,000 words. Nevertheless, every word must count. Keep your paragraphs short and succinct, with plenty of subheadings – our audience is comprised of busy professionals, so let’s make it easy for them to digest our content.

1. Make Your Pitch

Use the form to pitch your story. Be as specific but brief as possible! Please only submit one story. After your story has been through the initial process, we will invite you to submit additional stories.

2. Wait for Approval

Within approximately two weeks, a Workable team member will email you with either an approval or rejection. If rejected, you will receive a notice via email with the reason for rejection. Standard reasons for rejection include: not relevant to audience, not unique/interesting for audience, or topic does not fit within our existing strategy.

3. Write Your Post

Upon written notification of approval, you will be free to write your post. If approved, we will send you an email with tips to be successful! Articles must be sent within three months of approval. Articles not submitted in this timeframe are subject to the approval process again.

4. Submit Your Post and Pictures

When your post is ready, submit your post using this form. We’ll also ask that you include your author bio, a professional headshot, and up to five high-resolution photos related to the post (such as your office or employees). Once an article is submitted to Workable, we reserve rights to edit, publish, or not publish.

5. Await Questions/Revisions

As mentioned above, we reserve the right to edit the article as needed. Substantial edits, such as reworking the outline of the piece or changing the underlying intent of the piece, will be sent back to you for final approval. Simple edits, such as grammatical edits, sentence restructure, or content reorders, will not go back to you for final approval. 

In rare cases, upon receiving an article, we may choose not to publish it. However, we realize your time is valuable and we will work with you to the best of our ability to make the final product suitable for publishing. We will personally notify you if the piece will not be published.

6. Share the Live Post

Once the post is published, we will send you a live link to the article so you can share throughout your networks!