Modernize your candidate experience with Texting

Quickly and efficiently communicate with candidates to make the right hires, faster. With Texting, a premium feature from Workable, message candidates and track responses in real time on the candidate timeline. Sign up now and receive 30 days free. 


Reduce time to hire

Texts have a quicker response time compared to email, helping recruiters screen talent faster and schedule interviews sooner.


Personalize at scale

Deliver a highly personalized candidate experience at scale, with text message templates designed for different stages of the recruiting pipeline. 


Engage candidates

Communicate with candidates directly from the website or app. Candidates can quickly respond, so you can reach them wherever they are.

Texting is a native solution, meaning there’s no need to integrate with another system or download a new app. Text, email, screen, and hire: it all happens right in Workable. 

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