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The Great Discontent in 2023 (US)

We surveyed 750 US-based workers in 2021 to gather insights on what matters to workers in a job in the United States.

We asked them again in 2023 so we can better understand the changing preferences, aspirations, and values of employees over the last two years.

Now, we have results.

More workers are working now than two years ago – and they aren’t as motivated to jump ship.

The benefits of flexwork are becoming crystal clear now after years of experience.

Leadership? Meh.
Workers value the overall culture more.

Are your people leaving you? It’s because your compensation and job security isn’t good enough for them.

Your workers want to grow and develop and they’ll move jobs for it.

Find out more insights in the full US report

  • Chapter 1

    Workers are more employed than before and they’re less likely to be looking for new work

  • Chapter 2

    Desire for stability and security is growing

  • Chapter 3

    Flexwork is more the norm – but it’s scattered

  • Chapter 4

    The real benefits of flexibility are clearer

  • Chapter 5

    The ‘human factor’ is more important

  • Chapter 6

    Compensation remains a top motivator

  • Chapter 7

    People want to learn and grow

  • Chapter 8

    The most significant shifts in our dataset

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