AI in Hiring
2024 Survey

We surveyed 3,211 professionals in late 2023 to gather insights on whether they’ve hired recently and whether they’ve used AI in the hiring process. 950 said yes to both – so we asked them about their experiences with AI in hiring.

From all this, we’ve collected fresh data insights for you in a new survey report.

Nearly two in three have used some form of AI when hiring in the last year.

Bias and data privacy are leading concerns when using AI in hiring.

Tech, cost, and employee resistance are major hurdles for companies looking to utilize AI in workflows.

Nine-tenths say AI has sped up their hiring – and 77.9% say it’s saved them money.

More than two-thirds see their company increasing the use of AI in their hiring over the next 5 years.

Find out more insights in the full report

  • Chapter 1

    The use cases of AI in hiring

  • Chapter 2

    The level of human involvement

  • Chapter 3

    The benefits of AI in hiring

  • Chapter 4

    The drawbacks of AI in hiring

  • Chapter 5

    The impact on candidate experience

  • Chapter 6

    The effectiveness of AI at work

  • Chapter 7

    The drawbacks of AI at work

  • Chapter 8

    Job worries and AI at work

  • Chapter 9

    Job loss and AI at work

  • Chapter 10

    The comfort level of using AI at work

  • Chapter 11

    Team morale and AI

  • Chapter 12

    The future of AI integration

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