DEI in 2024 – and what’s changed since 2020

In late 2020, we surveyed professionals around the world to get a better understanding of where DEI stands in companies, what the priorities are at this point in time, the subsequent action items and goals, and the challenges that hinder DEI progress. Nearly 800 completed the survey.

To understand what’s changed since then, we put out the same survey in March 2024 – and 663 professionals responded. 

From all this, we’ve collected fresh data insights for you in a new survey report. 

DEI is more rooted in business necessity now

DEI is a more polarized topic than in 2020

DEI is valued differently by gender and minority status

Fewer companies plan on improving DEI in hiring

DEI challenges in hiring are diminishing

Find out more insights in the full report

  • Chapter 1

    The company angle

  • Chapter 2

    The personal angle

  • Chapter 3

    Demographic differences stand out

  • Chapter 4

    DEI in recruiting / hiring

  • Chapter 5


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